Copyrights and Legal (9)

No. All the stock images we use are purchased under standard license, so there won’t be any copyright issues.

No it won’t. You can use our cover design in any promotional activities once you’ve made the full payment

You can visit https://www.istockphoto.com/in/legal/license-agreement to get all the details that you need on the stock license.

No, the we cannot use any picture without the license to it. It can be a problem in the long run.

You are buying a service, yes, but considering the fact that we are located in India (registered here and pay our taxes here) and have no connection whatsoever with US taxes, there is no need to send us papers of any kind

Yes, you can use our book cover designs on all publishing platforms.

Please don’t use the initial drafts for promotional purposes. Those are often low quality and are just meant for receiving feedback from you. Once we recieve the final payment, we send the complete image which can be used for promotions.

Yes, Upon receiving the full payment, Killerbookcovers grants Client with license to utilize final deliverables (PDF, JPEG or other print ready formats) for E-Book cover and/or print book cover as well as other marketing material.

Yes. Once you have paid in full, you own 100% rights of the art and can use if for any promotional purposes.

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