Where to find the best book cover designer?

The author’s work doesn’t end with just completing the manuscript. A book can only be successfully launched into the market with a suitable publishing strategy in place. This strategy includes processes like editing, marketing, and packaging the book such that it may attract the audience.

One of the most significant parts of the publishing is the book cover. It is an important marketing tool that appeals to the masses and compels them to select a particular book. The book cover forms the first impression in the reader’s mind about the content that lies within the pages of the book. Therefore, it becomes important that this impression becomes a good one.

It is here, that the author’s role comes in. He must choose a suitable book cover designer with the relevant experience to efficiently translate the soul of the book on the cover. Visual representation matters to an audience and a book cover designer must know how to effectively find a creative middle-way between the author’s demands and the audience’s expectations.

An important question hence arises – how does an author choose the ideal book cover designer? (Click here for the entire article…The Ideal Book Cover.)

Doing your research

In order to choose a suitable book designer to suit the cover of his book, the author must do his homework from examples before narrowing down his options. Especially amongst the self-publishing community, there are several options available for designers who are willing to offer their qualitative services at affordable prices.

However, authors can use several methods to complete a thorough research while finding the suitable book cover designer. Some of these methods are:

1.    Amazon – The best-selling books on Amazon in a particular genre can be used as a reference. For any particular cover that catches the author’s attention, the designer who created the book cover can subsequently be looked up and contacted.

2.    Pinterest – This is one of the most popular mediums to select a suitable design for your book cover. There are multiple options available to choose from under various genres and the most appealing ones can be used as references to explain the writer’s vision to the book designer clearly.

3.    DeviantArt – One of the best places on the internet to showcase an artist’s work, it can be used to search for cover art relevant to particular genres and to contact/reach an artist after viewing their portfolio.

4.    Book cover studios – These designing studios are associated with artists who have the necessary experience in designing attractive book covers that increase the selling value of the books and hence, act as marketing tools while creatively capturing the attention of an audience. An example of such studios is Killerbookcovers.com.

5.    Premade book covers – These are covers that have been created by designers for no specific book or author and can be bought or used if the author considers them suitable for his book and the genre it represents. These premade covers from a designer’s portfolio can then be purchased with minor changes.

Other ways in which an author can do his research before selecting the perfect designer to create is book cover include seeking credible recommendations from fellow authors who’ve published books in the same genre, consulting social media groups such as 20BooksTo50K, etc.

Choosing the perfect book cover designer

Once the background research regarding references for the perfect book cover has been taken into account, the writer must keep in mind factors affecting his choice of designer to design a book cover that lures readers and helps sell the book. (To know more about the requirements of a professional book cover designer, click here.)

In order for this to happen, the author must understand the basics of book cover designing. He should be acquainted with techniques that make the book sellable to the masses such as typography, cover images vs illustration, the audience’s perspective, not giving away the plot, etc.

Therefore, some of the points the author must keep in mind while selecting the book cover designer are:

  • The author must extensively review the designer’s portfolio and understand his unique style that reflects in his work and whether it meets the former’s requirements and vision regarding his work.
  • Communication is important in the relationship between a designer and an author as they give a face to each other’s work. In order for a successful partnership, it is important to understand the designer’s working style.
  • In order to avoid any miscommunication in the future, the author must understand the designer’s working schedule and preferred way of maintaining contact.
  • The author must be honest about his expectations of the designer regarding their work, the entire process of designing and the former’s demands for the book cover.
  • Share any past experiences with book cover designers and give them an idea about specific preferences and dislikes so that they can work accordingly.

Where to avoid looking for book cover designers?

There are several websites on the internet with portfolios of designers often starting their career. Authors who are looking for affordable book cover designers to create a cover for their book might choose the option that fits into their budget.

However, it must not be overlooked that most of the designers lack the relevant professional experience and might end up reducing the sales of the book. This is because a book cover acts as a significant marketing device, and a professionally designed book cover often stands out. One that might not attract the reader’s attention might have to be re-designed and eventually would end up costing the author more.

Moreover, book covers selected from websites such as 99designs.com and Fiverr might lack professionalism and originality and can often lead to licensing problems that may arise in the future. Therefore, they are not the recommended options for finding the best book cover designer.

In conclusion, a book cover is what marks the identity of the book. It represents the content of a book’s pages in the form of a creative visual. Hence, it is considered one of the most important investments made by an author or publisher during the publishing process. If given wise deliberation and thought, the book cover acts as a marketing device that yields significant results in the future by helping to sell the book and forming the initial readership. Thus, it becomes as important as the book itself.

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