Why a book cover is the #1 marketing tool?

A book cover is the synopsis of the book wrapped in a creative visual representation. If not entirely responsible for the reader to purchase the book, it does attract the former towards it. And once the book catches the reader’s eye, it becomes more likely that he’ll select it.

In this situation, the reader’s judgement of the book cover matters. It is the face of the book and elevates the author’s professionalism from the readers’ point of view. The cover sets the tone for the content inside the book and drives the reader to go through the synopsis and finally consider buying the book. It is the step that sets the base for a book even being selected by a reader.

If the cover is not crafted professionally, it discourages readers and results in a guaranteed dip in the sales of a book. Hence, the book cover becomes one of the most significant marketing tools out of the ones that are available to authors today.

How to design a successful book cover?

One question that is repeatedly asked by both authors and designers alike is, the steps involved in creating a successful book cover with efficient sales. The book covers that garner appreciation is an amalgamation of several factors affecting its layout.

Hence, the following factors must be taken into consideration in order to achieve a positive audience response:

  • Catching the buyer’s attention.
  • Promoting positive book reviews.
  • Representing the book’s vision.
  • Giving a glimpse of the genre or core message of the book.
  • Attention to details like – typography, cover image, etc.

How does the book cover help market the book?

First Impressions

According to a Forbes article, “There’s a well-told adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression.” For the book, this first impression is given to a reader by its cover and seems to be lasting in most cases.

A book cover must convince the audience that the pages within the cover are worth the reader’s time, attention and money. In order for this to happen, it must capture its genre specifications accurately without revealing the plot.

Especially with the growth of self-publishing, a good book cover creates the impression that the author is more involved in the entire process of completing the book. It gives the author credibility and the freedom to present his requirements in favour of his genre and the target audience.

Benefits of a professional designer

A professionally designed book cover communicates the author’s interest in giving a fascinating form to his initial manuscript. The book cover designer’s prior experience in the field helps the cover stand apart in the reader’s eye.

With so many designs and patterns available in the market at present, it becomes significant to create something unique that stands apart from the crowd. In order to accomplish this, a good book cover must be differentiated from a ‘great’ one. (To know more about where to find the best book cover designer, click here.)

Hence, it is recommended that a professional, experienced designer be hired to create a book cover. He would be able to enter a creative space and design something outstanding while respecting the author’s vision and taking into account the latter’s requirements and the general genre expectations.

A great cover sells

In an experiment conducted by Reedsy.com, self-published authors were invited to get their book covers re-designed by a professional book cover designer. The final result was that a 35% rise was observed in the marketable sales of the book designed by the professional after a parallel survey.

This example proves that a professionally designed book cover results in a direct and significant increase in the sales of a book. If the cover can intrigue the reader, the book has a higher chance of being a success in the audience’s eyes.

Therefore, a book cover can either make or break the publisher’s marketing strategy. And no matter how good the book, it won’t sell if the cover is poorly designed.

How does book cover marketing help self-publishers?

Author Susan Rodgers says, “some of the best little bubbles of excitement in the self-publishing world come from the anticipation of new cover designs.

It is a misconception that self-publishing authors cannot afford to hire a professional book cover designer. However, the book cover has proven to be the most important marketing tool for them. And there have been numerous instances where the sales of a book have increased significantly after the book cover has been re-designed.

It provides indie authors the opportunity to be involved in the publishing process of their own books. Especially for self-publishing authors, the book cover is the only marketing strategy they need to capture the interest of their target audience.

Some factors reinforcing this strategy are:

  • Book covers influence readers greatly while selecting a book. A cover must fit the book’s description, match the reader’s expectations and be a pleasing visual representation of the book’s tone that holds the audience’s interest.
  • According to Jellybooks, subconsciously people recommend books on the basis of the book cover. If the book cover is professionally designed, people are more likely to recommend it to others.
  • A great book cover appeals to the target audience if it matches the genre expectations and thus promotes the author to other readers who are interested in a particular genre of books.

Therefore, a professionally designed book cover has the potential of becoming the best marketing tool available to a reader.  With the growth of the self-publishing industry in recent years, several options have become available to indie authors that allow them to hire a professional book designer without having to extend their budget. For example, successful websites like Killerbookcovers.

The book cover is like an extension of the actual content that lies inside it. It is a form of expression that creatively conveys the synopsis of the book to the reader, and holds his intrigue. The book cover is thus significantly responsible for the eventual purchase made by the reader.

Hence, an author must never ignore the role of the book cover in drawing the attention of a reader and being responsible for literally selling the book. A great cover has the potential of making a brand out of a book.

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